Memories of Wilmot Video Interviews

Charles Thompson and Liz Thompson Kirby

Charles Thompson and his sister Elizabeth (Thompson) Kirby, share their life stories and their lives living in Wilmot, New Hampshire. (View video)

Arthur and Annie Thompson

Charles Thompson and his sister Elizabeth (Liz) Thompson Kirby share stories of their parents’ lives in Wilmot, New Hampshire.  (View video)

Wilmot Flat Baptist Church

Charles Thompson, and Liz (Thompson) Kirby share their memories of the Wilmot Flat Baptist Church. (View video)

Wilmot Fire Department

Charles Thompson, shares his memories of the Wilmot Volunteer Fire Department.  (View video)

Grange in Wilmot

In this documentary, Liz Kirby and her brother Charles Thompson share stories and history of the Grange in Wilmot, New Hampshire. (View video)

School Life In Wilmot In the Mid 1940s and 1950s

In this documentary, Elizabeth Kirby and her brother Charles Thompson share stories of what school life was like in the mid-1940s and 1950s in Wilmot, New Hampshire. (View video)

Henry and Annette Stevens

In this documentary, recorded on August 12, 2010, Henry Langley Stevens and his wife Annette share stories of their lives growing up in in the town of Wilmot, New Hampshire.  (View video)

Walter Walker

In this documentary, recorded on April 28, 2011, Walter Walker shares stories of his life growing up and raising a family. He speaks about six generations who lived on their farm on Walker Brook Road in South Danbury, New Hampshire.  (View video)


Esther Ruth LaJoie Grace

In this documentary, recorded on August 5, 2011, Esther and her husband Tyler share stories of growing up and raising a family in North Wilmot. Esther Grace, née Esther Ruth Lajoie, was born in North Wilmot, New Hampshire. (View video)

Esther Grace and family

This is raw footage that was uploaded to YouTube by Lindy Heim. It was taken on a different day from the Esther Ruth LaJoie Grace interview.

May Jones

In this 2018 documentary, May tells stories of growing up, farm life, the changes when the new Route 11 came through, her 58-year career at New London Hospital, and her 3-years as Wilmot Chief of Police.  (View video)

Barbary Laughy Sanborn

In this documentary filmed on October 12, 2018, Barbara tells stories of being adopted, marrying and raising her family in Wilmot, and her love for making quilts. (View video)

Thelma Minard

In two interviews conducted on September 9, 2010 and November 13, 2018, Thelma tells the story of how in 1971 she and her family ended up in the town of Wilmot, New Hampshire from Vienna, Virginia. (View video)

Clara Langley

In this documentary, recorded in two sessions (December 15, 2009 and November 30, 2018), Clara shares stories about teaching in schools from Maine to Maryland and then at the Wilmot Center School that now houses the Wilmot Public Library. (View video)

Donald Hall

This interview of Wilmot’s most famous poet, Donald Andrew Hall Jr., by Gail Matthews and Stephanie Perkins Wheeler of Kearsarge Valley Magazine was originally aired in August of 1990 and is republished here with permission.  (View video)

Clayton Nowell

Clayton has lived on his farm in North Wilmot since 1950. He talks about his life in a video filmed in October of 2017. Also included is an interview from1975 when the Boston Globe documented his life in words and photos. (View video)

Wilmot One-room School Reunion

At their annual meeting in November of 2016, the Wilmot Historical Society hosted a reunion of former teachers and students of Wilmot’s one-room schoolhouses. (View video)

Freedom Acres

In the fall of 1946, Kay White and Donna Niles, veterans of the WWII Women’s Army Corps (WACs), left New York City on a vacation to New England and, due to a sick puppy they ended up staying there. (View video)

Loretta Rayno

In June of 2014, the Wilmot Historical Society interviewed Loretta Rayno, age 79, who shared stories of her childhood, her experiences in the United States Women’s Army Corps (WAC) after World War II, and her return to Wilmot. (View video)

Jack McAuliffe

In this historical documentary, Jack McAuliffe shares stories of his youth including taking us back to the Depression when his family drove from California to Wilmot, New Hampshire. (View video)