Arthur and Annie Thompson

Memories of Wilmot: Arthur and Annie Thompson

In this documentary, Charles Thompson and his sister Elizabeth (Liz) Thompson Kirby share stories of their parents’ lives in Wilmot, New Hampshire. This interview was recorded on October 10, 2020, by Wilmot Historical Society members Judy Hauck, Lindy Heim, and Fred Ögmundson at the home of Charles Thompson and his wife Jackie in Wilmot, New Hampshire.

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Transcript of Video (PDF)

Videographer: Judy Hauck

Interviewers: Lindy Heim and Fred Ögmundson
* Wilmot Historical Society

* Norris Cotton, New Hampshire Senator, 1954-1974
Photo source: Wikipedia,
*  Donald Andrew Hall
Photo source: Video interview with Gail Matthews and Stephanie Perkins Wheeler of “Kearsarge Valley Magazine”

Teller of the Tales Kevin MacLeod (

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