Thelma Minard

Memories of Wilmot: Thelma Minard

Thelma tells the story of how she and her family ended up in the town of Wilmot, New Hampshire from Vienna, Virginia, in 1971. Her story includes the historical backstory of the town purchasing the former one-room-school house building for one dollar, and her involvement in the process of obtaining funds to transform the building into the Wilmot Public Library. Thelma ends her story with details of publishing her cookbook, Tom Piperson’s Pig and Other Culinary Delights.

Two interviews were recorded by Wilmot Historical Society volunteers at the Wilmot Public Library in Wilmot New Hampshire. The first interview was on September 9, 2010 with Thelma and the second interview was on November 30, 2018 with Fred Ogmundson, Carol MacDonald, and Mary Ogmundson.

Transcript of Video [click here]

Videographer: Lindy Heim
Interview September 9, 2010 by: Lindy Heim and Carol MacDonald  
Interview November 30, 2018 by: Lindy Heim and Judy Hauck 
Produced by: Theresa Chamberland of StoryCatcher Studios

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