Clayton Nowell

Memories of Wilmot: Clayton Nowell

Clayton Nowell has lived on his farm in North Wilmot since 1950. On this page you will find two interviews with Clayton. One from 1975 when the Boston Globe documented his life in words and photos, and the other a more recent video filmed in October of 2017.

In the 1975 Globe article, a younger Clayton tells about farming and living in a rural community. Link to Boston Globe article

In the video below, Clayton updates his story for Liz Thompson Kirby, Lindy Heim, Judy Hauck and Christine Jenssen at Lindy’s home in Wilmot, October of 2017.

Transcript of Interview  [click here]

Interviewer: Liz Thompson Kirby
Videographers: Judy Hauck, Christine Jenssen, and Lindy Heim
Production: Theresa Chamberland of StoryCatcher Studios

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