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May 7 Program
2 p.m. WCA Barn

Yankee Ingenuity: Stories of Headstrong and Resourceful People

       A storyteller for all moods, Jo Radner of NH Humanities will entertain us with stories of old time New Englanders. Jo delights in eccentrics, believes that humor and gravity are good bedfellows, and favors characters who shape admirable lives around unavoidable misfortunes.

     Join us at the WCA REd Barn on May 7 starting at 1:30 for refreshments.


November 6, 2016
Wilmot One-room School House Reunion

Left to right, Front row: Judy Rayno(Cutler), Jean Amsden (Currier), Sue Keyser (Roberts), Pat Baker (Gross), Frank Baker, Barbara Coward (Stearns), Louise Andrus (Patten), Pat Rich (Glidden-French), Dolly Mailloux (Fowler). Second row: Pat Fleury (Evans), Kim Lucas (Keyser), Joyce Rand (Tilton), Posy Chandler (Aldrich) teacher, Barbara Sullivan (Aldrich), Helen Courtemarche (Peters), Henry Stevens, Nancy Clark (Stevens), Deb Perkins (Lamson), Nathan Walker, Jim Minard, Darlene Hoyt (Atwood). Back row: Eleanor Hazen, Marnie Eaton (Madden) teacher, Darlene Delano, Garry Rayno, Lee Stevens, Jim Rayno, Bam Fleury, Wade Walker, Mark Stevens, Charles Thompson, Bob Peters, Liz Kirby (Thompson).  There were a total of two teachers and 31 students present at the reunion at the Wilmot Community Association.

Established in 1976, the Wilmot Historical Society (WHS) works to collect and protect artifacts, documents, and photographs relating to the Town of Wilmot. Through its educational programs, the History Room, and special projects, the organization endeavors to bring the town’s recent and not-so-recent past to life and to inspire residents to enjoy and treasure Wilmot’s history.  The Wilmot Historica Association is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Charter Members - 1977