William Arthur Thompson

The Thompson diaries themselves are still in the possession of Charles Thompson of Wilmot. The Wilmot Historical Society scanned the documents. Please click here for access to a pdf of the 1888 diary. This is a large file and may take a while to upload. The diary entries do not start until April 14. The first few pages are blank.

Wilmot War Records - WWI


Excerpts from the diary of James Morrill

James Morrill was once a resident of North Wilmot. Excerpted from "Glimpse of the Past" by Florence Langley. (Diary entries.)

Billy Buskin's Bridle

Bridle of Civil War horse, Billy Buskin. The horse was Mr. Francis Chase's saddle horse he rode all through the Civil War. Mr. Chase was a wagon master of an ammunition train. The horse was given to Mr. Chase by the government when he received his discharge. The horse lived to be over 30 years old. Mr. Chase had a dog named Captain and he lived to be a very old dog and was a constant companion to Billy Buskin and Mr.Chase." (Letter received from Mr. Fred W. Chase, grandson of Mr. Francis E.

Team bell

Looks like it is from a rescue vehicle. Probably French in origin with writing: 1878 SAIGNE LEGIER /CHIANTEL FONDEUR embossed with acanthus leaf flower blossoms and cross (like the Red Cross). Rim is missing on one side.

School bell

Brass with turned wooden handle and small brass cap on handle. Loud and melodious.

Wooden Snow Roller Model

Wooden model of snow roller with metal accessories and trunk seat with lid made by Irving Dodge and presented to the Historical Society.  Note the oil well on the hub for lubrication.  See newspaper clipping with photo dated circla 1920 (76.010.02) and note from Irving identifying teamsters who worked the snow rollers in Wilmot. (76.010.03).