Memories of Wilmot

On this page you will find both video and audio interviews (below) with Wilmot residents who have a story to tell.  Click names or photos for links and enjoy!


Esther Ruth Lajoie Grace  In this documentary, Esther and her husband Tyler share stories of growing up and raising a family in North Wilmot. Esther Grace, née Esther Ruth Lajoie, was born in North Wilmot, New Hampshire. This interview was recorded on August 5, 2011 by Wilmot Historical Society volunteers at Esther and Tyler's home on Cross Hill Road in Wilmot, New Hampshire.

May Jones  In this documentary May tells stories of growing up, farm life in the early days. Two interviews were recorded by Wilmot Historical Society. The first was filmed on October 12, 2018 at Barbara Sanborn’s home on Pancake Street and the second interview was on May 5, 2019 at Lindy Heim’s home at 55 Campground Road.
 Barbara Sanborn  In this documentary Barbara tells stories of being adopted, marrying and raising her family in Wilmot, and her love for making quilts. Two interviews were recorded by Wilmot Historical Society. The first interview was filmed on October 12, 2018 at Barbara’s home on Pancake Street and the second interview was on May 5, 2019 at Lindy Heim’s home at 55 Campground Road. 
Jack McAuliffe   September 5, 2014 - In this historical documentary, Jack McAuliffe shares stories of his youth including taking us back to the Depression when his family drove from California to Wilmot, New Hampshire.
Loretta Rayno   In her home at the base of Old Winslow Road in Wilmot Flat, NH, on June 24, 2014. Loretta Rayno, age 79, shares stories of her childhood, her experiences in the United States Women’s Army Corps (WAC) after World War II, and her return to Wilmot.
Freedom Acres   Wilmot Flat resident Loretta Rayno shares first-hand stories of Donna Niles and Kay White and their jelly business, Freedom Acres, which brought 45,000 tourists a year to Wilmot. Loretta was a close associate of Donna and Kay for 28 years. (Photos of Freedom Acres*)
Clayton Nowell    In this interview, long-time Wilmot resident Clayton Nowell tells us about his life in Wilmot on the farm and on the ski slopes. In February of 2017, Clayton gave Ausbon Sargent a conservation easement on his his 28-acre farm. (more)
George Gove*    George Gove and his wife Jean were interviewed by Liindy Heim on November 16, 2012 at their home in West Lebanon, NH. 
One-room Schoolhouse Reunion    The Wilmot Historical Society, at their 2016 Annual Meeting, hosted a reunion of former teachers and students of Wilmot's one-room schoolhouses. Thirty-one students and two teachers attended.
Donald Hall Kearsarage Valley Magazine interview from 1990 with Gail Matthews and Stephanie Perkins Wheeler.  
Bill Moyers Interview: A life Together: Donald Hall and Jane Kenyon:December 1993

Clara Langley   In this historical documentary Clara shares stories about teaching in schools from Maine to Maryland and then at the Wilmot Center School. The building in which she taught now houses the Wilmot Public Library. Clara met and married Frank E. Langley in the early 1950s, and they raised their family in Wilmot.
Thelma Minard  Thelma tells the story of how she and her family ended up in the town of Wilmot, New Hampshire from Vienna, Virginia, in 1971. Her story includes the historical backstory of the town purchasing the former one-room-school house building for one dollar, and her involvement in the process of obtaining funds to transform the building into the Wilmot Public Library. 
Walter Walker shares stories of his ife growing up and raising a familiy. He speaks about six generations of family who lived and grew up on their farm on Walker Brook Road in South Danbury where his son Rusty still lives.


Earle Chandler—Interviewed by Helen White in 1993. (pdf)
Annie Thompson - Interviewed by Lynn Bacon in 1992. Edited by her childfren Elizabeth and Charles Thompson in 2020.

Frank Walker, being interviewed by his son, Walter, about working in the garnet mine in North Wilmot. Circa early 1980.
  Reminiscences of Florence Langley by Judith Walker, Lida Gross, Lucy Hall (via Donald), Edith Cambell via Betsy Forsham, and Fran Wilcox.
  More Reminiscences—Roland Gove, Lida Gross, Mildred Howard, and Connie Forsham. 

Marjorie Joyce Tilton - Interviewed by Judith Walker in two sessions. 1) February 23, 1993; 2) March 11, 1993.

John Lawrence Rayno interviewed by George Peterson July 21, 1993

William Arthur Thompson

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