Curiosity Shop and Education Collection

The Curiosity Shop is scheduled to open for business one day only in 2021 from 9 am – noon on July 24 as a visiting participant during the Wilmot Farmers Market. The shop is currently accepting donations of collectible memorabilia and other vintage items in good condition. Call Lindy at 748–2627 to book a pickup date and/or make receipt arrangements. Proceeds from the sale support the digitalization of the Historical Society’s archival collection.

Donald Hall DVD – The Wilmot Historical Society has re-released the 2011 DVD recording of Donald Hall reading his poems and recalling life on Eagle Pond Farm in Wilmot. The cost is $20 each. DVDs may be purchased at the Morgan Hill Bookstore in New London, or by emailing us at

Education Collection – The Wilmot Historical Society has been collecting historic artifacts since its inception in 1976.  Although our basic mission has never wavered, our collecting focus has changed over the decades.  The WHS Board of Directors has chosen to limit its permanent collection to objects that are directly related to Wilmot, its current and former residents. To make good use of the deaccessioned items, and items that are donated that are not related directly to Wilmot, an Education Collection was established that would allow us to store and share selected objects with the public in a new way.

The following books are available in the History Room in the Wilmot Town Hall on Saturdays during the Wilmot Farmers Market July through September from 9 a.m. to noon if Covid protocols allow the room to be open to the public. During the winter months, please email to place your order.

Glimpse of the past: a history of Wilmot
by Florence Langley is not your usual town history. Like the town itself, it has a distinctive character of its own, which the author Florence Langley has skillfully portrayed in this unique chronicle. Born in Wilmot, Ms. Langley collected a vast store of historical data that are presented in this book in a fun and inviting manner. $10.00 each.
With prayer and psalm: history of the Wilmot, New Hampshire, churches
" the story of Wilmot’s churches over a period of almost two hundred years.
The chronicle is admittedly spotty in places because records have burned and disappeared, but Florence Langley has painstakingly researched and examined every bit of available evidence which she has been able to find." SOLD OUT
When school bells ring
by Florence Langley is a fascinating documentation of the founding, growth, and eventual closing of the many schools operated in Wilmot, New Hampshire, from the time that the first three schoolhouses were erected in 1809 until the present. This book is more than a chronicle of the educational process in a small New England town. It is rather a prototype of schools in New Hampshire. $10.00 each.
Home to the Mountain
was commissioned by the History Committee of the Town of Wilmot especially for the Bicentennial celebration in 2007. Historians Tom Curren and Kathy Neustadt, from South Danbury, New Hampshire, compiled this commemorative collection of histories from the records of many Wilmot residents who lovingly preserved and shared memories of their families. $5.00 each.
Donald Hall at the South Danbury Church (photo by Leslie Tuttle)

Donald Hall at the South Danbury Church (photo by Leslie Tuttle)

Curiosity Shop at the Wilmot Farmers market

Curiosity Shop at the Wilmot Farmers market