Memories of Wilmot

William Arthur Thompson

The Thompson diaries themselves are still in the possession of Charles Thompson of Wilmot. The Wilmot Historical Society scanned the documents. Please click here for access to a pdf of the 1888 diary. This is a large file and may take a while to upload. The diary entries do not start until April 14. The…

Esther Grace and Family Memories

Full interview by Lindy Heim on September, 9, 2014 on YouTube.

Excerpts from the diary of James Morrill

James Morrill was once a resident of North Wilmot. Excerpted from “Glimpse of the Past” by Florence Langley. (Diary entries.)

Isaac B. Youngman

A Wilmot resident from a very young age, Isaac Youngman (1811-1892) lived on Teel Hill in North Wilmot and later moved to Wilmot Center. Born in Antrim, he was the second child of Jabez and Emma Youngman. Youngman married Hannah Thompson Langley in 1838. They had one child, a daughter who died in 1861 at a the age of…

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